Add USB Drive to Storage Device

This article describes how to add a USB Drive to Citrix XenServer as a Local Storage Repository.  This is tested on XenServer versions: 5.0, 5.5, 5.6.

  1. Plug in USB drive
  2. Open up the CLI console
  3. Check disks that are currently available:
    # fdisk -l
    Disk /dev/sdb is my 512mb usb drive
  4. Now to check what ID the harddrive has assigned. Change directory…
    # cd /dev/disk/by-id/
    …and list the disks:
    # ls
  5. Add the disk to the system:
    # xe sr-create type=lvm content-type=user device-config:device=/dev/disk/by-id/ usb-USB_Flash_Drive_AA04012700007933 name-label=”Local USB Storage”

Now you can see it in XenCenter and use it.


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